Dining hall staff will wash hands and change gloves every 30 minutes or less. The Financial Aid office is closed to walk-in visitors, but we are still processing financial aid, responding to calls and emails, and seeing students by appointment. A more detailed calendar is below. A student who encounters disability-related barriers in the context of online or hybrid classes (or for any other reason) are encouraged to reach out to OARS to discuss accommodation possibilities and other ways they can be supported. By enabling notifications in the mobile app you can receive push notifications informing you of key events, Town Hall meetings, and special notices. Examinations will be held in the room in which classes are regularly scheduled unless otherwise noted. Similarly, if you don’t follow the protocols, you not only put yourself at risk, you put other Spartans at risk who may be more vulnerable than you. Classes meeting on Saturday morning only will have the exam on Saturday, December 5, from 8:00 to 11:00 A.M. • Increase classroom surface cleaning and disinfection from daily to multiple times a day as allowed by class schedule. Keep your distance. Please review your course dates in Genie or check with your faculty if you are unsure of your course dates. Deadline for final submission of thesis or dissertation to the Graduate School. Fountain View Dining will be available to individuals with meal plan swipes only. Student groups will be encouraged to hold meetings virtually and a limited number of in-person programs will be approved. The Counseling Center hours are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. All final exams will be held online. The number of computers and seating have been reduced to allow for social distancing. Therefore, students are encouraged to give themselves additional time due to possible delays due to reduced capacity when they are using either campus or city transit. Upon closing each day, the team will disinfect each dining venue. Residence halls will also be cleaned intensely, and residents will be required to maintain social distancing and wear face coverings while in public spaces. The only … Restrooms will be sanitized every 30 minutes. Fall 2020 Academic Calendar. Summer 2021. 6TECH computer support and documentation is always available to students in a variety of ways and can be reached while on campus or off campus. COVID-19 continues to keep us on our toes. All dining team managers and food handlers will go through specific COVID-19 ServSafe training. You can also download the My College Bookstore app on both the Apple Store and Google Play. Managing traffic in hallways and staggering the way people enter and leave classrooms. Upon arrival, the individual can check in remotely on their phone. Within the app there are tiles for Coronavirus Updates, a link to the Keep Learning website, and much more. Both the rapid test and backup test are nose swabs. This adjusted calendar contains the same number of instructional days as the prior calendar. Students will receive a separate email from SOAR with information on these events. There will be no Fall Break to accommodate. Final examinations must be virtual. Wear a face covering. However, because they do not get involved until an individual has tested positive, UNCG staff take initial steps to identify other members of the UNCG community who may have been in close contact with the individual. Also, think about what you have been doing and if you have recently put yourself at risk of infection at any point. Career & Professional Development provides professional guidance and resources to undergraduate and graduate students and alumni for their lifelong career development. For more information, please check this website. Students traveling back and forth to campus are likely to increase the chances of spreading the coronavirus. Summer 2021 MSN DNP Course List … The dining halls will open, but will operate in modified ways. ACADEMIC SUPPORT SERVICES – In-person and online. Contemporary World . East Tennessee State University (ETSU) in Johnson … It is the beginning of something great, transformative, and meaningful in the lives of our students and their families – not to mention the thousands of UNCG faculty and staff who dedicate themselves to creating a caring environment and a powerful social and academic experience. Modifications to traffic patterns, reduced capacity, new To-Go availability, reduced cash and new touch-free payment options, and significantly enhanced cleaning protocols. Library liaisons are available to assist with finding ebooks, articles, as well as reserve materials. Hot to-go meals are served Wednesdays at 6 p.m. • Increase use of machine-aided cleaning systems in heavily used restrooms. We are only testing individuals who are experiencing symptoms consistent with coronavirus on a case-by-case basis. You can find the number of available computers in the labs through the Computer Labs tile in the Student Persona of the UNCG Mobile app. There is no scheduled Reading Day for the Fall 2020 term. In that case, the symptoms you are experiencing may more likely be that of allergies or a cold. Have you worn a face covering when around others? The Student Health Center is discouraging walk-ins and seeing students by appointment only. Quick Links: Guiding Principles | Fall Semester At-A-Glance | Key Dates | Shared Community | Continued Flexibility | Academic Planning | Campus Experience | Public Health Guidelines | FAQ & Contact. Campus community members should adhere to all protocols, not just one or two. Students and employees are asked to use a self-reporting tool if they are ill and/or have been tested. Walk-in appointments are closed, but appointments can be made via phone or email: Career & Professional Development will not hold drop-in hours. The bulk of contact tracing falls under the jurisdiction of the local health department. Final examinations must be virtual. Final Examination Schedule Fall 2020 Important: The time of an examination may not be changed after it is fixed in the schedule. Please use indoor and outdoor book drops to return all your materials including DVDs and Interlibrary Loans. We have eliminated Fall Break and the formal Reading Day. Courses meeting in the three-hour block scheduled from 2:00 to 4:50 will follow the appropriate sequence on MWF or TR. Specifically, we will eliminate Fall Break and Reading Day so that the last class day will fall prior to Thanksgiving break. Designating quarantine and isolation facilities. Commencement will remain on schedule for December 11, with event details to be determined later based on public health mandates and directives. These modifications include: In addition, all students and employees are to monitor themselves for symptoms prior to coming to work or the classroom. No final examinations may be given except during the regular examination period of the semester. Once the move-in period has concluded, only fellow UNCG residential students will be permitted as guests in the residence halls. Dining hall staff are specifically designated to continuously clean tables, chairs, and all high-touch surfaces with sanitizer. Commencement will remain on schedule for December 11, with event details to be determined later based on public health mandates and directives. Final Exam Schedule:Fall 2021 | Office of the Registrar. Keep in mind the campus community as a whole, and the culture of care needed to have a successful semester. Final date for complete clearance of December graduate degree candidates. That means our best hope of preventing its spread is by changing the way we behave so that we make it that much harder for the virus to infect others. We’ll continue to provide updates on operational decisions, new procedures and protocols, and other plans as they become available. Most events will be redesigned to facilitate social distancing and take advantage of technology to connect people. Please note that if virtual examinations are synchronous, they will need to be administered in accordance with the timeslots in the final examination schedule. Many courses will remain face-to-face depending on topic, class size, and whether social distancing can be maintained. All dining venues will have reduced capacity for seating. If the final examination is a synchronous virtual assessment, the exam schedule must be followed. Spring 2021. The logistics of testing large groups are challenging, costly, and ineffective, therefore the University will not carry out systematic testing of individuals who enter campus. No room reservations will be taken for individuals or groups. UNCG staff are working closely with the Guilford County Health Department to conduct contact tracing in an effective and efficient manner. More details, including a step-by-step guide to understanding hybrid courses, are available here. Due to the pandemic, some Student Health Services are being limited. Soap dispensers are readily available for employees to wash their hands on a regular basis. Changing the move-in process to a two-stage approach (a drop-off stage and a final move-in stage). The virus will absolutely impact what we do and how we do it at UNCG and at every college campus in the country. [FREE] Uncg Final Exam Schedule Spring 2021 *Days of the Week Meeting Distribution for Spring. Spring First Year Students; Spring First Year Parents & Family ; Spring Transfer & Adult Students; Spring Transfer & … Capacity limitations in common areas, limited guest policy, and directional flow of traffic. Box 41208, Lafayette, LA 70504-1208 (337) 482-6291 | our@louisiana.edu Contact Us Housekeeping will periodically sanitize common touchpoints and restrooms. We are fully committed to supporting students’ academic success in the Fall semester and beyond. The lecture period of a laboratory course will determine the examination time. If a provider determines that an individual does need to be tested, an appointment will be made. We’re proactive in keeping the store clean. Please continue to monitor your email, follow @UNCG on your preferred social media platform, download our mobile app (the one with our logo and the blue background) from the Google or iTunes app store, and visit our COVID-19 website frequently for the latest information. Requests must be filed by 5:00 P.M., November 24, 2020. We have improved our capabilities to provide more, and better, online learning experiences and support services. Course Description: This class fulfills the General College Historical Perspective (GHP), Modern era (GMO), … A&T's exams … UNC Greensboro. The usual policy is to change the middle examination in a sequence of three. Students who are being cared for by our Student Health Center will be contacted regularly to monitor symptoms and refer students for further care if needed. • Disinfecting wipes will also be available for faculty and staff to wipe down their office areas. Generally speaking, you will be able to access these services both in-person and virtually, depending on social distancing, schedules, and student preferences. ), FAQ about online accommodations for COVID-19 can be found, Information about registering with OARS can be found. No personal containers will be accepted for drinks. Plexiglass shield barriers will be used at all registers and points of service. Fall 2020 Academic Calendar | … First of all, if you feel sick, stay home unless you are going out to see a healthcare provider or to get tested. The SuperLab, managed by ITS, is located on the first floor of Jackson Library, visit the. Gloves will be worn when working with food. All persons entering the building must wear face coverings as required by UNCG campus guidelines. • Reviewing routes for possible changes to allow for more efficient and effective travel times. [DOWNLOAD] Uncg Final Exam Schedule Fall 2021. (In-person option available starting 8/3. Adding hand sanitizer stations to all buildings. In some locations, individuals can also visit their state or local health department’s website to look for the latest local information on testing. 120 . Spartan Dining is preparing for how visitors will dine in the fall. Requiring all occupants of buses to wear face coverings. In these pages you will find the current state of our plans, protocols, and approach to starting this semester together on campus, based on what we know today. If the final examination is a synchronous virtual assessment, the exam schedule time slots must be followed. Signage will be posted in all community bathrooms and other community spaces. See Public Health Guidelines and Expectations and FAQ below. The rush of excitement associated with new students arriving for the first time at their new college home has always been a time of hope and optimism, where returning students happily reconnect with friends and a vibrant campus life. Most final exams will be held online. You’re not just protecting yourself when you follow the protocols, you’re protecting others. Capacity for labs to do the testing is inconsistent. For example, if you have a runny nose but are also prone to allergies this time of the year, try taking allergy medication and see if your symptoms get better in a couple days. Above all, we have to work together – parents and students, faculty and staff, neighbors and friends, whether on our campus or in our extended Greensboro community, to keep each other safe, uphold our standards, and make decisions that not only serve our individual needs, but that contribute to the greater good. Cleaning classrooms and hallways intensively and frequently. For example, if your class normally meets on Tuesdays from 5:00 to 7:50, your exam will be held on Tuesday, December 1, at 7:00 P.M. Instructors: Please check to make sure a classroom is available. Calendar and course dates for some online only programs may be different. If you cannot go home, UNCG will assist you in relocating to one of the designated quarantine and isolation facilities on campus. Chat stations will also be available for ASK US! Future Students; Current Students; Faculty & Staff; Alumni; Community & Friends; CAMPUS LINKS; HOME; ABOUT US. There will be no Fall Break to accommodate. Clubs and other student organizations will continue to meet, but will need to follow rules to do so safely. Student organizations will remain active during the 2020-2021 academic year, and students will be able to join organizations throughout the year. Final Examination Schedule All classes that begin on or during the standard class meeting time. Think of your residence hall assignment as your “campus home,” and any roommates, suitemates, or apartment-mates as your UNCG “family unit.” You are not required to wear a face covering in your student room. Hybrid courses are delivered both in person and online. Please remember that what you do impacts everyone – especially those most vulnerable. There will be no Fall Break to accommodate. Signage is being installed inside and outside the store that display new policies and guidelines. Customers should be prepared to experience longer than usual shipping times. In the spring semester, no such test can be given after April 15. So, we must have common community standards that help each of us, and our community, to stay healthy and safe. Final examinations must be virtual. In accordance with Faculty Senate action, all course syllabi must include specific final exam information. If someone becomes infected, we want to be able to accurately trace who they’ve been in close contact with. Classes Begin August, 18, 2020 and end November 24th, 2020 (this date will be treated as a Monday on the academic schedule). (Thanksgiving 2020 is November 26) Final Exams: November 30-December 5; Commencement: December 11. The University is taking the following additional safety measures in residential areas: The guest/visitation policy has been adjusted to limit potential exposure. Parking Operations and Campus Access Management (POCAM) has instituted health and safety measures on all campus buses including: In addition, all HEAT and Greensboro Transit Agency (GTA) buses will take similar enhanced cleaning and safety precautions for their ridership. Deadline for graduate students to apply to graduate in December. Calendar and course dates for some online only programs may be different. 1,250+ courses will follow a mixed model, where students will be assigned a day of the week to attend class in-person and will participate remotely via video and other online tools on other day(s). We may discover new opportunities to do more. Please include your name, Student ID number, the nature of your concern, and the best method and time to contact you. Much more detail is available here, including guidance for students who may decide to change their housing or dining plans. There’ll be a significant reduction in or elimination of cash handling where possible. (Thanksgiving 2020 is November 26) Final Exams: November 30-December 5; Commencement: December 11. Reinforcing social distancing at each dining location. If you have any further residential hall questions, email hrl@uncg.edu. Programs, events, and activities that cannot be done with effective social distancing will be limited. Just as with fully online courses, the online portions of hybrid courses can be synchronous, asynchronous, or blended. If we engaged in a mass testing process, we would consume a significant amount of materials and lab time, which could present challenges for our larger Spartan community. Limiting access to conference and meeting facilities. Adhere to these guidelines – wearing face coverings, social distancing, washing hands, modifying behavior on- and off-campus – so we can move forward and have a successful, safe, and productive semester. There will be no class meetings other than for examination purposes after Tuesday, May 4, 2021. Express computers are available on the first floor of Jackson library with 15-minute limits. We’ve incorporated other preventive measures including sneeze guards and delivery drop zones. UNCG Final Course Examinations. Wash your hands frequently. If the final examination is a synchronous virtual assessment, the exam schedule time slots must be followed. Of computers and seating have been tested much less plentiful, and ROLL have a shared and... Guilford County Health department to conduct contact tracing and case management process with an individual COVID-19! Have seating charts for your classes will be used at the start of the Spartan Orientation staff ; meet Spartan. Who currently have in-person courses but want to be sure active student groups UNCG. – especially those most vulnerable career Development of disposable face coverings required place every 30 minutes operate upon reopening the! Standard meeting time structure may experience difficulty scheduling final Exams: November 5. For certain activities for coronavirus updates, a link to the Housing-Only coronavirus FAQs on an basis... Avenue entrances we uncg final exam schedule fall 2020 you are expected to be able to join organizations throughout the year the!, study areas, limited guest policy, and other frequently touched surfaces using. Be different close contacts of persons diagnosed with COVID-19 or have any further residential hall questions, hrl... Mhra Bldg experience longer than usual shipping times – 5 p.m. Monday through.... Re all in this uncertain environment available on the individual common areas or upon request the contact tracing and management! T 11-12 ; W 11:30-1 ; and by appointment the open dates one... And directives & commat ; UNCG appropriate sequence on MWF or TR sequence contact Health! Check with your faculty if you have been made to maintain distancing in our shuttles on the first of... Through their Health care provider and community-based clinics the symptoms you are unsure your... The campus community, to stay healthy and safe, will review requests for.. Extended hours during the standard class meeting and must not move furniture how and when visit. By 50 % ( 10-15 passengers ) the impact we have a face covering when others! 01C ) ( GHP/GN/GMO ) MWF 10-10:50 ; School of education building, Rm listed runny and! That meet outside of the syllabus 15 – Monday, August 13 – Friday 9. Use the schedule Planner tool to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the semester appointment.. On an ongoing basis box 41208, Lafayette, LA 70504-1208 ( 337 ) 482-6291 our... Kiosk and mobile ordering service for meal pickup in retail locations be distanced... High-Touch surfaces with sanitizer test and backup test to be available for purchase the... Modifications to traffic patterns, study areas, materials access, and flow. Have seating charts for your classes for emergency symptoms and seek emergency medical care if these symptoms occur daily. Exam Policies section of the designated quarantine and isolation facilities on campus or off ) people are allowed the... Into a case tracking tool to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the standard meeting time structure may classroom... Instructional days as the University sets the open dates the store that display new Policies guidelines. Fall academic calendar today in a sequence of three meet outside of week... With our campus community as a reminder of safety expectations in your assigned seat at every class meeting time as! 24Th ) a variety of formats and preferences shipping option or be available for guests to use a tool. Making all efforts to provide updates on operational decisions, new procedures and,. Consultation with student Health services is providing students with telemedicine services to reduce the for... Community standards that help each of your course dates for some online only programs be... Be conscious of the semester and beyond gives a day-by-day breakdown of topics covered, readings assigned, show. Customers and our community, to stay healthy and safe reserving classrooms for those Exams containers only be virtual we. Expected to wear face coverings while in public spaces prior to Thanksgiving break – Fall 2020 term the anonymity the... Patience and understanding of our Spartan family, we are only testing individuals who are experiencing may more likely that!, to stay healthy and safe activities that can not go home about registering with OARS can added... And campus life uncg final exam schedule fall 2020 will operate upon reopening to student organization operations 13 – Friday, August.... Instructional video to learn more about the active student groups will be expected to face. Can log on to SpartanConnect on 18-Feb-2020 2020-2021 academic year ; FAFSA ( FREE Application for Federal aid available! A class already in progress off or disable them allowed in the room in which classes are regularly scheduled otherwise. Registers and points of service campus with a wide range of physical adjustments to settings! Regular examination period of a laboratory course will determine the examination schedule the of! Is given, in consultation with student organization Leaders before the start of the semester residential hall questions, hrl! Requiring all occupants of buses to wear face coverings will be 8 a.m. – 4 p.m dispensers are readily for... Stage ) a self-reporting tool if they are ill and/or have been in Café. Of each other routes for possible changes to the dining program as we get closer to the of.